The Great People of San Antonio have always made me proud.  We don’t always agree, in fact we often disagree, but we always come together when it matters.  During the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, I remember the traffic-jam along Interstate 10 as our neighbors and friends packed the highways to help their fellow Texans.  We delivered food and water, manned kitchens, and donated their time and money wherever needed.  I even recall a local business owner who organized a team of citizens to send helicopters with rescue and relief efforts.

In times of tragedy, we Texans unite.  We bond.  We join together and we do it with no thoughts of age, race, income, or any other characteristic.  We believe that helping those in need is the right thing to do because we know that EVERYONE has value.  Crises are no time for division and certainly not time for opportunity or agenda.

Blood donors lined up outside mobile stations at the Texas Capitol to support the victims of Saturday’s mass shooting in El Paso. 

This truth is why so many of my fellow citizens have joined the movement to end the politicization in Washington.  It’s why so many volunteered to help send home political animals like Joaquin Castro.  Just one year ago, Castro chose to rush to a microphone and twitter page to demonize political opponents and push political talking points while our fellow Texans bled in an El Paso parking lot. 

That day, my fellow Texans stood in lines for hours to donate blood while this typical selfish politician stood in front of a microphone to profit from it.  That is the topic of this, my latest video talk with the voters of San Antonio.  I hope those of you who feel the same will share this message with your friends and family.  It’s time to make a change here in San Antonio.  Join with us and be part of that change!