Things are looking up here in San Antonio my friends!  Every morning I read the latest news and studies in order to understand what issues are impacting my friends and neighbors here in San Antonio.  The great news right now is that the economic recovery has begun!  Economic forecasts everywhere are showing signs that industries are revving up and ready to get back on the growth track we all saw prior to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Growth is Coming!

As an example, John Deere, the big green agriculture machine is performing far above the big investors’ expectations.  This means that farmers and ranchers are buying!  You don’t invest in John Deere Green when things are looking bad.  You do it when orders are up, when sales are up and when expectations are up!  What does that mean for us here in Texas?  Jobs!!!  Jobs in machine assembly.  Jobs in parts manufacturing.  Jobs in farming and jobs in feeding and housing all of those wonderful people! 

John Deere is just one example of many, spanning from agriculture to energy to technology, and all of them are exciting.  What still bothers me, though, is that there are people who see these great stories as bad news.  Those in the political class, typical politicians, see anything that stands in the way of their power as bad news.  And let’s be honest- a strong recovery and growing job numbers are bad news for many typical politicians like Joaquin Castro.

Let me promise you this:  I believe a rising tide raises all ships and regardless of who’s in power I will ALWAYS congratulate and celebrate your success.  I will always root for your prosperity and I will always cheer for your family, regardless of who sits in an elected office.  I believe we are all tired of politicians and pundits who put their agenda and their power above the interests of the people whom they are supposed to represent.

Who’s ready to cheer on their neighbors with me?  Who’s ready to celebrate success?  Who’s ready to bring on an economic recovery in San Antonio that brings a new prosperity to shock the world?  Let’s do this San Antonio!  We’re ready and I’m in it with you!