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Health Care

Affordable Health-Care is what the Nation longs for, but also what the nation has most problems with. Some want Government Regulated Health-Care, others want Privatized Health-Care.

I believe in a Free Market System with limited Government Regulation. Many disagree and say that the Government should regulate the market. Opening the market allows competition among providers and allows premiums to fluctuate.

I would also like to implement a Preventative Heath Care Act that educates on how to limit the insurmountable amount of preventable diseases in the American Population and keep health-care between an individual and the health-care professional with protection from Government intrusion.


The care our Nation currently provides to our Veterans is egotistical and the Government Stronghold that our Veterans are under is senseless. I will seek to explore solutions and vote in benefit of those that have served as well as those who continue to serve our great Nation.

I pledge to do all I can to make the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs more effective. We need to see how we can uphold the promise we made to our Nations Heroes, across all of the branches of the United States Military.


The United States of America was founded on a concept that anyone can make their dream a reality as many small businesses are trying to do. I want to continue to give small businesses a break to allow them to grow and flourish. When this happens, everyone wins. This will allow small businesses to GROW and in turn create JOBS to meet their demand.

I am also an avid believer in the push to bring jobs back to America. However, to do so, we need to create incentives for companies to bring them back. I seek to open dialog across the isle as well as with Corporate America so we can see what we, as your elected officials, can do to make sure that America works.

Foreign Policy

Protecting our nation to threats, both Foreign and Domestic, is one of the key reasons many Americans are able to exercise the FREEDOM we have. As your Congressman, I will do my all to ensure that these freedoms are always in tact.

At times Americans feel as if their safety is in jeopardy, even here in our Sovereign Nation. We need to ensure that our borders are secure and that our Immigration Laws are upheld. We are not an Anti-Immigration Nation. However we need to assure our citizens that we are keeping their safety in mind when allowing immigrants to adopt our Nation as their own.


Providing the best education for our children is paramount in ensuring our success as a nation. I encourage educators to make their classrooms more interactive. I want educators to re-engage their passion to teach and make the learning environment one that students aspire to come to. I would also encourage Local ISD’s to take into account the advantages and disadvantages when considering Federal Funding.

I also want to ensure that critical skills that are taught in preparation for a Higher Education are also taught to those that choose to voyage into a Vocational Career Path. In addition, I support giving all American Families the choice on how and where their children get educated.

Science & Technology

As a scientist, I promote the Sciences with a passion. My goal is to push and lead the way into innovation as the world is going into a technological era. I also want to push for advances in the sciences within the Medical, Agricultural, and Aerospace Fields.

Limiting the taxation on Medical and Drug Research in America can promote incentives for privatized research to flourish and once again lead the way to new and better drugs with lesser side effects to the US market.