Good afternoon everyone! I truly hope that you are having an excellent September. Campaign season for November’s election is fully underway and there’s a real buzz in the air here in San Antonio. I am so thankful for the words of encouragement and support from all of you and I am just blown away by the unbelievable amount of people here in San Antonio’s District 20 who have asked how they can help. Rest assured, we will take every bit of help that you have offered and ask for just a little more!

Over the past few weeks we have released a series of videos and blog posts which I believe show where I come from and why I believe we need real representation in Washington. I’ve pinpointed and shared some compelling facts and examples which show that our current Congressman, Joaquin Castro, has no interest in serving the people of San Antonio. I’ve shown that over 95% of his campaign dollars come from outside of the district which he’s supposed to represent. I shared that he is the ONLY Congressman in Washington with 6 or more years tenure who has not passed a bill. We discussed how he has been virulently anti-police throughout his career to the extent of even leading many of the Anti-police protests which resulted in the rioting and vandalism of our beautiful downtown area.

More than anything, I hope that I have shown the most important message, which is the message that Joaquin Castro does not represent the wonderful people of San Antonio. Joaquin Castro does not work for the wonderful people of San Antonio. We are a traditional, conservative town and Joaquin Castro has zero interest in representing our values. Let me be very clear: Whether you are Republican or Democrat, Libertarian or Independent, Joaquin Castro does not represent you. This typical politician, groomed for office since childhood, represents his donors, wealthy extremists from New York and California. Don’t take me word for it. Follow the dollars and you’ll be both amazed and appalled at what you learn about this typical lawyer and career politician.

Today I am releasing a short video which shows exactly this point. Castro proudly shared an article which he wrote about how he is fighting to gain better TV and Movie roles for Hispanic people in Hollywood. Hollywood. As I say in the video, I wasn’t aware that 90210 was in San Antonio! If Joaquin Castro wants to represent the cesspool that is the Hollywood entertainment industry, perhaps he should move there and run for a Congressional seat over there. We here in San Antonio will be happy to see him go. It is where his money comes from after all.

San Antonio needs a representative who works for them! Let’s make a change folks, and let’s start here in South Texas. It’s time to elect someone who campaigns for them and not for big-money donors from across the country! Castro made waves 5 years ago by writing a speech for his brother which bragged that he was able to hold a microphone instead of a mop. It’s about time we had a leader again, like Henry B Gonzales, who looks for a mop instead of a microphone!

Goya feeds and employs thousands of wonderful Hispanic Americans. Jussie Castro just doesn’t get it.